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What I Did at State Fair

4 Sep

-ate a corn dog for the first time

-ate from a deep fried blooming onion

-saw the butter and sand sculptures

-listened to part of a cooking pot salesman’s demonstration spiel

-watched two mimes who looked like a white marble king and queen and the numerous people who wanted their picture or their childrens’ picture taken interacting with them; most of the little children wanted nothing to do with totally marble white strangers

-followed two colorful costumed¬† “riders” on two tall, large, long, and highly colored and feathered dinotopian-like birds in order to figure out that they were in fact men on stilts with elaborate puppets.¬† Wonderful!

-saw the sheep; my favorites were the Suffolk market lambs; I raised Suffolks when I was Isabelle’s age

-saw the goats and llamas and pigs and the vast sows with tiny cute piglets

-bought soap at the agricultural museum

-saw the chickens, birds and rabbits; this barn in particular has had the number of entries fall by over half in the past few years; the winning grand prize chicken is a Gold Campine pullet

-walked through the dairy and horse barns

-admired the flower arrangements by children in the Horticulture building

-admired the live hawks, falcons and owls that were on display outside the hort. building

-saw the winning quilts, knitting and other assorted handicrafts

-walked through the wool booth

-enjoyed Donna’s company

This was in the three hours between the public talks and the presentations of awards.

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