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12 Sep

Late blight has hit this area pretty hard.  Thanks to Sue’s heads-up, Jay cut off diseased leaves and sprayed our tomatoes several times before it showed up in force here, which enabled some of the fruit to ripen.  I have canned two loads (seven quarts per load) of Sungolds, taken large bowls of them to several gatherings, eaten many out of hand and as salad, given quite a few away, and this morning Isabelle picked the last from the  eastern plants before Jay cut them down to dispose of.

I picked all the red tomatoes fit to eat yesterday before the rain.  We got half an inch overnight.  They amounted to about 3/4 of a bushel.  Most years I get at least eight bushels.  Also picked most of the Sungolds, about 1.5 gallon’s worth.

This morning the less than perfect red tomatoes and Sungolds went either into  Suzanne’s Meju Maja to produce five quarts of tomato broth and a half gallon or so of sauce with herbs or into a double batch of tomato soup concentrate with onion, garlic and herbs to freeze.  It will be frozen in to use as Sunday meals during the winter.  Salt and chicken broth or half and half are added when used.

Thanks to my mother, we are not dependent upon just this year’s harvest for out tomato needs.  She has built up quite a canning backlog over the years which we are helping eat through.

Isabelle will have a nice bowl full to take to a meeting tonight.


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