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Killing Frost

13 Oct

Woke up late yesterday morning–a nasty cold involved in that–to find the first killing frost was still in attendance all the way up to the house.  My father said it was 24.6 degrees on their barn and that it “looked like it had snowed”.

Here the heavy white layer of frost stayed on the ground until almost 9.30AM.

We had a nice long green autumn; almost a month longer than usual.  Not any warmer, really.  But wetter, and the cloud cover and moisture on the plants worked together to result in not any good conditions for an  earlier hard frost.

I had woken up about 3AM Monday morning and Orion’s belt, my old friend of three stars in a row, was in his winter position out my window, clear and bright.  No wind.  All the stars were blazing.  Perfect frost night.

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