The Turkey Trot

14 Oct

No, not the dance; I am referring to the 19 minute hunt Jay took less than an hour ago which resulted in him bringing home another 10+ pound hen turkey and busting up the rest of the flock for the morning’s hunt.

The evidence:

secondhenAs you see, Hawthorne was quite taken with her.

Here is the goose girl’s goose:

girl'sgooseAnd another:

cuddleIt is not just her.  It is familial.


2 Responses to “The Turkey Trot”

  1. origamifreak 15 October 2009 at 3:21 AM #

    Oooh. Look at all the Pretty Feathers to be glued onto cards… 😉

  2. Mom 15 October 2009 at 2:27 PM #

    Happy birthday and congratulations to Isabelle!
    Love,Grandpa and Grandma S

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