Music and Books

28 Nov

Isabelle bought Owl City.  We listen to it a lot.  It has that 80’s disco/synth sound, but with dynamics!  Remember Jean Michel Jarre ? I think I got rid of his albums this year.  They went to the book sale.  That and disco music is what Owl City music reminds me of.  Lots of layers with dynamics.

But the lyrics!  They are fun.  They are witty. They bear listening over time.  For pop music, a definite plus.

The Fireflies song in particular made me cry when brother Jay was declining. The part about dreaming the world stood still.  I was wishing it would.

Planet Narnia was such a wonderful book I bought it.  Medieval cosmology in Lewis’ Narnia series “discovered” by PhD student Michael Ward.  He invented a new word,  “donegality”,  to express the use of an atmospheric (pun) motif throughout a story without the author directly indicating its use.

Soon after that, friend Amy told me about Eifelheim, by another Michael, M. Flynn.  This book also has to do with medieval cosmology, though in a more science fiction way.  A great, great sci-fi story about alien first contact.  Back in the 1300’s in Germany.  During the plague.  When Christianity was the European worldview.

Ah, Angela is here.



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