A Long Yarn

4 Jan

Lunch at H’s home where a handful of us went through Celia’s enormous stash and took fibers and yarns for our use to remember her by. My brother’s memorial service in the east. Christmas party at A’s home.  Christmas Eve.  Christmas Day at home.  Christmas at the farm.  New Year’s Eve supper. Lunch and spinning at S’s.  Taking N back to Scranton to catch the ride further North.

Making meals.  Making desserts. Making breads.

Laundry.  Dishes.  Animal care.  Kid care.  House care.

Yet I managed to spin some yarn. And to knit a little bit.  And design a new type of stump sock for my father.

Not shown is the mitten I made for my father–blue and gray.  Only one since he only has one hand.  Also not shown: the three stump socks out of polar fleece that are longer, warmer and easier to wash than the knit wool ones he had been wearing.

One Response to “A Long Yarn”

  1. origamifreak 5 January 2010 at 9:01 AM #

    I HEART my beeyootiful cat mittens…

    Still want a matching hat with a stripey tail coming out of the top! LOL

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