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Rock Day

10 Jan

Today was the Blacksheep Handspinner’s Roc Day.  I do not know why the ‘k’ was dropped.  It is a nod at Epiphany, the last day the hired hands and servants had off before returning to work.  We talk, spin, shop and eat.  Isabelle helps with the large, varied raffle.  This year I won 8 ounces of  “September Glow”, a 92% Cotswold lamb, 8% Bombyx silk mix roving from Nistock Farms.

Robin and her husband are great models of well-managed, well-marketed small scale agriculture. We buy some meat from Nistock each year.  And a plus is that my cousin Julie is her neighbor and comes to help her each year!

“September Glow”

A large percentage of my raffle tickets went into the bag with the number for the roving.  Isabelle won a hat she liked.  There were over 40 items raffled, from the marvelously wonderful to those like the sorry scarf I took pity on and put a ticket in because no one else yet had.  Isabelle won that scarf also–the ticket had her name on it.

Oddly, my 20+ year old  Schacht spinning wheel, with its Christmas present addition of a Woolee winder, had many admirers.  Odder still, it was the only one in attendance, though there are many, many Schacht wheels among guild members.  Some of those brought no wheels, and the rest brought smaller wheels.

Here is someone else trying the wheel at Thanksgiving.

When she should have been somewhere else doing a different sort of ‘spinning’.

Jay went with us and talked to many of my friends and his acquaintances he had not seen in a long time. We had a good time, even though we lost track of time and Isabelle missed her orchestra rehearsal.

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