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The Girls

12 Jan

During Advent we went early one evening before a service and picked out four young hens from those left in the flock at Jay’s sister’s.  They had been slowly killing them in anticipation of going south for a couple months and I had been lobbying for a few to come to us instead.

When Jay found out there were some Speckled Sussex and Buff Orpingtons in the mix he relented.  We got a couple red hens for some friends,too, whose hens are old and not laying much anymore.

They spent an hour or so in the trunk in either a cat carrier or box trap before being installed in their new digs in the coop in the garage.  We get almost 4 eggs each day.  Only two yesterday–they had run out of water.

Hawthorne really wants to meet them up close and personal.  But we hope to prevent that from happening since he is not a model of self control and they are flighty, being birds.  He also gets an almost daily ration of raw chicken after his morning walk.  We do not want him thinking he can help himself.

And why did Jay relent and we now have chickens again after a decade’s hiatus?  Because there are such fond memories of chickens past and all the fun we had with them.  One came in to the house to visit during Christmas, but she was not comfortable, not being raised to be a house chicken as ours in the past were.  More anon.

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