This Week’s Menus in Review

16 Jan

A neighbor has taken a full-time job and asked for help with housekeeping and supper main dish.  Here is what was served at our homes this week.  Sans salad and dessert.

Monday: butternut squash with onion sauteed in butter, cabbage with garlic sauteed in sesame oil and soy sauce with walnuts on top, cornmeal raisin muffins with smoked spanish paprika garlic cream cheese spread

Tuesday: Potato cheese soup,  roast chicken pieces

Wednesday: Fried rice (with mushrooms, eggs, bacon, carrots,  peas, onion, garlic)

Thursday: whole wheat pizza: mushroom-onion cheese and pepperoni

Friday: 2 bean venison chili with kale,  Jasmine scented Thai rice

The chili is really good.  I used some Indian red curry paste, molasses, cumin, ground coriander, and ancho chili powder to add additional flavor.  I cooked pinto and red kidney beans and harvested the curly kale from the garden.  The deer do not seem to like that variety.  Yay!


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