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Best Movies of 2009

28 Jan

The best movies or DVD’s out of the 68 I watched last year were

Stand and Deliver : Edward James Olmos as the dedicated teacher who gives of himself to his class of poor ignorants, teaching and inspiring them to aspire to take a high level math exam and reach for other higher goals in their lives.

Slumdog Millionaire: This is the movie that proves the rule.  Better than  Q&A, the book which inspired the movie.  Depressing?  Horrifying?  My guess would be you have not visited a country where there is a large percentage of truly poor people. Beautiful.  Great music.  Great story.

District 9:  A sci-fi movie set in a South African shantytown/refugee camp and beginning as if a documentary, this movie has a lot to say about how we treat those who are different, identity, power politics, powerful businesses in bed with political idealogues.  Quite violent.  The closest thing to Christian lovingkindness in this story comes from the aliens.  Lots of food for thought.

The Life of Birds: By David Attenborough, this series is phenomenal, especially if you can overlook some of the truly silly Darwinian comments.  Nature documentary at its finest. Lovely music to go along with the incredible movies and discussion.

UP: So you think you will do something big and bold and meaningful with your life? Take care, it is the small everyday moments that are of most import.

An Education: A set of amazing actors bring to life this biographical story of a young girl (16) who meets a charming older man and decides to deceive her folks and have fun living her own life.  Until…

I hope my daughter will chew on the food for thought this story served.

Nanook of the North:  We watch this every decade or so because it is so interesting and to remind ourselves how blessed we are.  And to remind our children.  This documentary was filmed in 1922.  Nanook and his family are so cheerful and uncomplaining about their difficult, near-the-edge-of existence lives.  Take that, whiners.

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