Number of Pounds Gone in 2009

29 Jan

Yeah, I know Angela has been hogging attention with her incredible adventures getting to athletic Wolverine status.

But let it be known that I, too, got rid of quite a bit of poundage this past year.

It just was not on me.

It was in my house.

Most of what I ditched were books and periodicals and paper.  But there were  a few folding chairs and clothes in there, too. And yes, I kept track.

Grand total for the year: 473.25 pounds of stuff exited our door.  That is a conservative estimate.  I did not count the mail we threw away, or the trash, daily and weekly stuff like that.  This is stuff I had held onto, some of it for decades.

So yay for me.

January of last year I threw away 45 pounds.  This year so far only 13.

Got to get to work.

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