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Menus: First February week

6 Feb

Monday: Pork fried rice–(cubes of pork steak marinated in ginger, brown sugar, pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil then sauteed and mixed in with onion, garlic, mushrooms, carrot, cabbage, peas, fish and oyster sauces–and lots of  cooled Thai 3 elephant rice)

Tuesday: Chicken a la King using portobello mushrooms and our frozen red peppers.  Chocolate date cake (a family recipe)

Wednesday: leftovers.  See above.

Thursday and Friday: Garlic chicken noodle soup.  Wheat bread. Chocolate date cake.

What Else I Did in January

6 Feb

I spun yarn.

60g and 223 yards of the yellow (186yd/50g).  This was bought at the Guild’s Rock Day from a lady who trades her finished pieces for it.  It had more chaff than I like in it, and some rabbit fur.

These two skeins of blue are from bats owned by my late friend Celia.  They are from Lisa Merion’s Spinner’s Hill.  There is more than a pound of the gorgeous stuff.  These two skeins are 167g/690 yd  (an average of 202yd/50g).

And these two little odd bits are spun from the leftovers on the bobbins; the pinky-blue is from the wool/silk/mohair bats I dyed and carded.  Still have some to do.  These two remind me of Crazy Zauberball.  I might make more of this on purpose.

The plan? Scandinavian mittens.

Last Saturday

6 Feb

It was so cold here last weekend–in the low single digits during the day and into the double negatives at night (all degrees F) that when I collected the eggs Saturday morning–which had not been brought in Friday–they looked like this:


After thawing, I made a quiche and some bread.

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