The Sewing Box

18 Feb

Forty years ago I was part of a small group of girls who were recipients of some sewing skills via a very low-key, local 4-H club.  I still have the red gingham apron with black embroidery floss x’s one inch above the hem. I remember working on that in the basement of the South Byron Methodist church.
I have the red felt tomato pincushion I made.

Gone are the fringed pink burlap place mats with pulled threads and dark blue embroidery floss where the threads were pulled. They were made at Margie’s home, and her mother taught us how to thread a needle.

But best of all was my sewing box.  It was a shoebox covered inside and out with a small gold multi-colored paisley print cotton. I remember the house and table where it was made.  Either Mrs. Duttweiller or Mrs. Oderkirk taught us. It was perhaps the start of an abiding interest in several areas: origami, textiles, boxes.  The planning and care in cutting resulted in a wonderful fabric covered box that I used for decades.  Elmer’s glue held the fabric to the shoebox.  There were no raw edges.  Every surface was covered and neat.


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