February Yarn

27 Feb

This  4.5 ounce skein is mostly from wool from Celia’s stash.  The few yards of light purple-blue is my own blend and was on the bottom of the bobbin which  held the dark blue singles (Spinner’s Hill bats).

The multi-color strand is wool which was dyed in a thick dense sliver and which Celia had started cutting into 4-6 inch lengths and separating by color into plastic bags.  It may straight wool or a wool-silk blend.  There was no label.  Early on at one point I thought perhaps it was cotton because  it spun like butter and unlike any wool I have ever spun.  Merino?  But other sections were clearly wool.  There were some second cuts bits.  Sometimes it felt like there may have been silk in the blend.  Who knows.

It came to me via Ellie.  I spun all the red at once.  It will be on  the next or third skein since it  on the bottom of the bobbin.

Then I realized Celia had probably meant to spin a varigated yarn so the rest of the fiber was spun in random color order.  They are desert kind of colors: brown, rose, teal, orange, a sad yellow.  They look nice with the dark blue, I think.

Fingering weight: about 144yds/50grams.


One Response to “February Yarn”

  1. dziewczyna 1 March 2010 at 11:07 AM #

    Oh, wow! This is just gorgeous, too!

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