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Birthday Blooms

31 Mar

In the morning of the blustery day that was my 52nd birthday, Isabelle and I walked in the woods and I showed her a few of the caches of old bottles stashed in various trees and places between boulders left there decades ago by a younger me.  She brought home a few.

Two of the bottles were acting as tiny natural terrariums.

There is a tiny fern in this rectangular, matchbox sized bottle.

There is a moss world in this 50-cent-piece around 4-inch cylinder.

There were new hellebores open, most notably the Christmas rose, H. orientalis,

and this lovely H. viridus, sporting its green flowers and lanceolate leaves.

The grass is starting to look green in places, too.

Thank you for the phone calls, well wishes,  notes.  Marsha was able to come for a spot of supper (fried rice), and I was able to ‘talk’ to friends half a world away and my SIL and son via FB for a few minutes.  Thank you God, for my family and friends.

Civil War Ball

29 Mar

Saturday night we all went to the first Civil War Ball to be held in these parts since– the Civil War.   In addition to wearing fancy dresses, getting your hair put up,  and putting on make-up (!) , we all danced and had a high old time.

Where I grew up there were many dances held.  Real dances: square, polkas, schottische, etc.  With live music and a caller.  Held in fire halls, or cabbage barns, or pole barns.  Dancing was taught in the public schools.  I love contra dancing.

This was tame contra dancing held in a church basement, to taped music,  with every move taught slowly and in detail.  It was fun when we got going.

At the second break, everyone trouped upstairs for a folk song-hymn sing.  Isabelle and I provided the music for this part.

I made sesame cookies, which the Betty Crocker Cooky Book says were made by women in Colonial America.  So I thought they were probably still around in the mid-1800’s. Since they are still in the cookbook now.  Very good.

The contingent from out part of the county did very well, since two of the few young men were neighbors.  And were in uniform.

Fourth Week of March Suppers

29 Mar

Monday: Maple glazed ham slices and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes

Tuesday: Ham again, with a salad (?)

Wednesday: And again

Thursday: Venison Pakistani Kima over Thai Jasmine Rice, home canned plums

Friday: As above with yoghurt and avocado, no plums

Third Week March Suppers

29 Mar

Monday: Pork shoulder (butt) Barbeque, Cabbage, carrot, cottage, and currant slaw, an orange-chocolate muffin, whole wheat bread, a piece of venison jerky

Tuesday: Leek and potato soup, slaw from Monday

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Jay’s chili on Thai Jasmine rice, bacon wrapped enoki

Friday:–to the farm

Inside Flower

27 Mar

A quick note before we zoom off to cut up a steer.  The quince branches in the bathroom are just coming into bloom.

Not outside–it never even go out of the 20’s yesterday.  The girl and I raked for an older neighbor and even though it was sunny the wind was bitterly cold.

We were not celebrating him

25 Mar

It was a birthday dinner.  But I think Jet got the most attention, not any of the birthday people.

Gotta love that tail.

He used it to swipe whatever was on the low marble table in between the sofas off onto the floor.

Most Recent Flowers

25 Mar

Little iris, all sizes and colors of crocus, the first hellebore. You have seen them all before.

The most interesting blooms I saw this weekend were in Mom’s kitchen window where she had pussy willows blooming.  Green flowers, not yellow as ours are.

They are so lovely, I think.  The blue-gray with the blue-green and very pale yellow on the dark purply-red brown.

Have you got your taxes done?  I have finally finished ours.  Bleh.

Another lovely sight was Aunt Janice’s begonia with the afternoon sun through its leaves.

The hardy cyclamen have come on big time.  There are a couple dozen blooms out now.  Here is a better photo of their dainty loveliness.

It has been raining here.  Although tonight’s may turn to snow the weather man says.

Ok, one kind of crocus:

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