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The Most Fun Saturday in a Long Time

7 Mar

Angela came over and in the afternoon while she skied cross country style I clumped along on snow shoes, sledded down a hill a couple times.  Our second time out I wore my daughter’s garage sale cross country skies and had a go at that. Downhill as well as uphill.  What a thrill!  To stop: tip over.  Angela was much more sedate and safe in her skiing.  She will not have nearly as many bruises.

It was sunny.  It was not too cold.  What a wonderful, lovely time.


March First Week Suppers

7 Mar

Monday: Roast chicken, cauliflower au gratin, peas and carrots, Vanilla tapioca pudding

Tuesday: Satyamma’s Famous Cauliflower curry on Thai Jasmine rice with toppings of raisins, tomato, orange slices and sour cream

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Spicy Beef  Corn Meal Cobbler

Friday: Pastitio

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