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A Year of Flowers

12 Mar

I am wondering if I share my flowers with you through the year.  In the past, the answer has proved to be –no, once too many plants start blooming all at once I stop, overwhelmed.  Let me try again, though, OK?

Jay picked forsythia twigs in mid-February.  They started blooming the last Saturday of February and are now spent.

Last Saturday I picked pussy willow and flowering quince twigs.  The pussies are absolutely lovely now.  The quince will be moved into the bathroom today.  They are not as far along.  And it is all Pounce’s fault; he would tip their water container over so they have spent most of the past week out on the enclosed porch.

Yes, they are unusually wide.  Years ago, my friend Amy and I sent off an order to the now defunct original Heron Hill Nursery for a variety of oddball, beautiful plants.  This is the one thing of mine that survived.

I planted two other varieties last year.  So maybe next year there will be  pink and extra large pussy willows, too.

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