Civil War Ball

29 Mar

Saturday night we all went to the first Civil War Ball to be held in these parts since– the Civil War.   In addition to wearing fancy dresses, getting your hair put up,  and putting on make-up (!) , we all danced and had a high old time.

Where I grew up there were many dances held.  Real dances: square, polkas, schottische, etc.  With live music and a caller.  Held in fire halls, or cabbage barns, or pole barns.  Dancing was taught in the public schools.  I love contra dancing.

This was tame contra dancing held in a church basement, to taped music,  with every move taught slowly and in detail.  It was fun when we got going.

At the second break, everyone trouped upstairs for a folk song-hymn sing.  Isabelle and I provided the music for this part.

I made sesame cookies, which the Betty Crocker Cooky Book says were made by women in Colonial America.  So I thought they were probably still around in the mid-1800’s. Since they are still in the cookbook now.  Very good.

The contingent from out part of the county did very well, since two of the few young men were neighbors.  And were in uniform.


One Response to “Civil War Ball”

  1. mom 30 March 2010 at 7:56 AM #

    Dance sounded like great fun—-WE never go dancing–guess why? Love, MOm

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