Birthday Blooms

31 Mar

In the morning of the blustery day that was my 52nd birthday, Isabelle and I walked in the woods and I showed her a few of the caches of old bottles stashed in various trees and places between boulders left there decades ago by a younger me.  She brought home a few.

Two of the bottles were acting as tiny natural terrariums.

There is a tiny fern in this rectangular, matchbox sized bottle.

There is a moss world in this 50-cent-piece around 4-inch cylinder.

There were new hellebores open, most notably the Christmas rose, H. orientalis,

and this lovely H. viridus, sporting its green flowers and lanceolate leaves.

The grass is starting to look green in places, too.

Thank you for the phone calls, well wishes,  notes.  Marsha was able to come for a spot of supper (fried rice), and I was able to ‘talk’ to friends half a world away and my SIL and son via FB for a few minutes.  Thank you God, for my family and friends.

One Response to “Birthday Blooms”

  1. Elizabeth Young at 9:31 AM #

    The mini terrariums take my breath away.
    and Happy Belated Birthday!

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