The Past few days

3 Apr

There have been two days of extreme heat and today will be another.

Earlier this week we had the first lettuce from the cold frame–after I picked it one could hardly tell, so we will have salads from now on.

Hepatica, bloodroot, spring beauty, violas, violets, scilla all are out now.  The Cornelian cherry is almost in bloom.

I am edging and weeding in the sun wearing my knee pads Jay bought me for the birthday.  All colors of hellebore are out.  Except yellow.  But there will be one arriving soon to plant for the years to come.

No school got done yesterday.  But lots of interesting things happened.  Isabelle discovered bird lice on the girls, so she and Jay Sevin-ed them last night after the Good Friday service.  She has been managing them so they got to spend quite a bit of the day in the dog’s pen, happily scratching and fluffing.

Inside, Isabelle discovered them sharing nest boxes all trying to lay at the same time.

We are working to not have them go broody.  Isabelle tends to catch an egg every day or so–that is how she discovered the lice…

The bluebirds are singing all the time.  I hope the English sparrows do not run them out of the nest boxes, but it is a faint hope, I am afraid.

We walked over to visit the new house our neighbors built and to take a grand tour.  Much baking today and yesterday evening: rolls–hot cross buns, regular rolls and maybe even sweet rolls.

Isabelle worked an hour down at a neighbor’s, raking.

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