Exciting Easter

5 Apr

Up from our beds we arose– before 6AM,  arrived at church about 6.35AM bearing homemade hot cross buns (me), violin (the girl) and helping hands (Jay).  After a wonderful Easter morning service celebrating Jesus’s resurrection,  a hearty breakfast, and clean-up, we headed home.

The Christmas Rose was in full bloom–a Resurrection Rose?

Hawthorne got to go on his walk, Isabelle got to eat her chocolate bunny, we all sat in the sun, and I called Mom and Aunt Janice.

Isabelle found another antler on her walk.  There ensued a replay of deer fighting in the fall:

And I decided on using Lamb O’ Lakes yarn to make an EZ baby sweater for a little someone due in Late September, so I made balls from the skein:

Then off the Mom M’s with yet more batches of homemade rolls and hot cross buns for Easter luncheon. Pre-dinner: shrimp, fancy potted cheese and crackers, wines and hard ciders, candied ginger.  Then: ham, beef from Sir Loin, broccoli salad, Julie’s famous green salad, scalloped potatoes, green bean mushroom casserole, the rolls.

A pause, during which Angela and I visited Mom’s hellebores and tried, she successfully, to craft a couple interesting objects from leftover palm fronds and a book on folding tropical flax leaves from her trip to N. Zealand.

Desserts: coffee, raspberry pie, rhubarb pie, lemon meringue pie, blueberry cobbler, raisin tarts.  Full yet?

Since it was such a nice day, Jay wanted very much to go canoeing down Fall Creek.  So we did.

First, home to change and prepare.  And Angela came with us!  Hurrah!

Angela did not like my paddling style. We only had to drag ourselves off rocks twice.  She was with me in the canoe for the first half, then had a kayak to herself for the second.  Jay and Isabelle were in the canoe for the second part while I drove the truck to meet them. Angela found out that the creek is considered a level II rapids!

Home, finally, to change again into dry clothes.  We all got wet, some much more than others.

Then off again, to H and S’s, where we ate yet again, played games, sat and chatted and had a merry old time.  Until it was time to come home so we could get some sleep before morning came.

But wait, one more event to close the day: the long wait and work of trapping a particularly recalcitrant skunk in an attic finally paid off Easter morning.  The clients left a message in the evening–Jay and Aaron went and retrieved said raccoon.  A male.  He had been in and out of an attic the past nine months, digging himself a large den right into the blown cellulose insulation.  No more.  The bait to which he finally succumbed?  Sardines.

To bed.  Then a phone call at about 11.15 from Isaac saying he was back in the states after a jaunt to Canada with friends.  Good night.

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