Split Pea Soup

5 Apr

How do you decide what to have for supper?

I read that some women just do that:  they decide.  Do those women have an inexhaustible storehouse of ingredients?  Do those women run out and buy just what they need for a particular dish?

For me, supper decisions are primarily a daily puzzle I play.  It goes like this:

What do I have that needs using up?

Today a meager ham bone and some homemade beef broth came to mind.

Now think: what do those ingredients suggest to you?

If you are anything like me, the answer is inevitable: split pea soup.  Especially if you knew, as I did, that also on hand are the rest of an elderly stalk of celery and a partial bag of split peas from my friend K, who could not take them on her travels.  And so blessed,  I think of her as I cook.

Onions are a given to be on hand at all times.  Carrots, either in the garden or from the store, on hand 80 percent of the time.  We are well within that percentage right now, having them from both places.  Spices?  No problem. Thyme and bay, salt and pepper.

And also, I admit, the fresh rolls leftover from Easter made soup a logical choice.

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