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Quick Step

6 Apr

The flowers are coming on fast now in the heat–many on shrubs and trees.

The only narcissus blooming here are still the little miniature ones.

Blue violets are out now.  Sweet white ones have been out for two weeks.

Violets were my first flower love.

The Cornelian Cherries are out–see the header.  The forsythia are both in full bloom–one was open on Easter.  The plums are thinking about blooming, which would mean we would not have plums this year.  It is way too early to hope for no more frosts.  Seven weeks early.

The darkest hellebore is out:

And the speckled ones:

And I can not resist one closeup of an individual Cornelian Cherry flower:

Complete with what looks like spider silk, or some sticky substance?  The whole mass of blooms  is thumbnail size. This individual flower is about 2mm.

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