12 Apr

The Pulmonaria are blooming. The wild little white-flowered mustards  deserve a mention.  They have been blooming for at least two weeks in the alfalfa field.

The purple Pasque flower has a half dozen blooms open:

Another hellebore is blooming for the first time:  a red!

And then, of course, but unfortunately, the cherry and plum are in bloom.

Note the masses of blooms.  The whole of one plum tree is covered.

Last night in the dark Jay and I worked to put a large tarp over this tree to help prevent some of the damage frost will be doing the next few nights.  We damaged quite a few blossoms and branches in the process.  Hopefully we will save more, though.

Yesterday there were many bees and small wasps covering the open flowers of the tree!

What a delight to see them in the midst of their labors.  Note the little pollen stains on the white petals.


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