Friday Night Concert

12 Apr

Three ladies went to hear Jennifer Koh and her accompanist, Shai Wosner perform Mozart and Schubert Friday night.

The music was beautiful.  Mr. Wosner was absolutely wonderful as a player and accompanist.

I wish I could give Ms. Koh such high praise.  But throughout the night I kept wondering what more she could do musically if she would only restrain herself; if she poured herself into the music rather than into the incessant gyrating, hunching, twisting, bending, stooping, twitching movement of her body and head.  That behavior forcibly detracted from the loveliness of the music, especially the Mozart, since she seemed to increase the speed of  head twitches when she played  faster, lighter pieces.  The more lyrical movements of Schubert were the least physically distracting.

The audience gave them a standing ovation and they came back and played a bit from Beethoven’s 6th sonata.

Such artistry and beauty marred unnecessarily.  Isabelle’s teacher is so right to insist on her standing up straight and use minimal movement.  He also teaches her to be self aware of habits that can become detrimental and disturbing to others if allowed to go unnoticed.  It seems Ms. Koh has no one like him in her life to speak to these habits.

The other interesting note was both performers used music for all pieces!  It made me feel better about my memorization.  More anon.


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