Bird Seed Bag Bag

13 Apr

Lately I have noticed a proliferation of bags made of other bags.  Most are coming out of other countries and being marketed as ‘green’ and a way for consumers here to help others. If you wear one, or use one, you can be seen as publicly supporting poor people.  A  dubious  proposition at best. They were even in the knitting shop!  Some are lined with fabric.  Many are not.

Also note that these bags are plastic.  Narrow, flat woven plastic strips, for the most part, rather than the bolsas used in Bolivia in the 80’s which we have and are woven plastic threads.  The new ones may have had some sort of heat applied to them to fuse the flat plastic reeds together.

There are also bags made of this plastic fabric which are printed with beautiful designs.  I bought a small one last week as a cheap tutorial.  Because the sunflower hearts bird seed bag is empty.  And it is made of this same fabric.  And it has a lovely picture on the front.

So last night I went to work.  Since all my memorization obligations are complete!  Here we see the boughten bag, and the empty seed bag.

The bag on the left uses one piece of plastic fabric for front, bottom and back.  Then the sides were sewn on with ‘binding’ of the same material.  Since the bird seed bag already had nice side pleats, a great width and picture, I decided to add only a bottom.  Which resulted in some technical difficulties, though not insurmountable ones. Handles  and ‘binding’ were made from this same bag’s ‘fabric ‘.

The back of the finished bird seed bag bag.

Or, it could be the Sunflower Hearts Bag:

One Response to “Bird Seed Bag Bag”

  1. Abby at 8:52 AM #


    I have tons of those bags, which I use for everything. Most of them were bought at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for a dollar, and I keep a few shoved in my backpack/stroller for anything I might need a bag for. I’ve even used them on long trips to keep the clothing of various family members separate. I have never had one break or wear out yet.

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