Recent Nuisance Wildlife Help Requests

16 Apr

1) A raccoon in an attic.  It had been there since October when work was done.  They called us in February.  The end of February.  The coon had dug deep nests for itself into the blown-in cellulose insulation.  It actually did have a way out that the clients didn’t remember.  Finally was trapped using sardines.  A large male.  So no worry about babies dying in the attic.

2) 2 woodchucks under a) house foundation and b) outbuilding.  Except when Jay went to set the traps the guy informed him that he had not actually seen the woodchucks this year. They were there last year.  Oh, and after the woodchuck, a fox had been living under that outbuilding.  But Jay eventually did catch one woodchuck that came looking for a place to call home.  I predict we will hear from this person again.

3) A red squirrel repeatedly building a nest in a garage.  Jay caught a gray squirrel.

4) An animal under a trailer.  The man could not tell me what kind.  Some servicemen had come to fix a furnace and had said they would not do the job because they thought this animal was under there.  The caller was from continental India.  Together we finally decided it was a skunk.  Jay went and found no evidence of a skunk living under the trailer.  It was late March–probably just passing through.  Unfortunately on the day the servicemen came.  Jay was persistent because the poor man was anxious to get his furnace fixed.  Eventually caught a cat.  Jay asked him to call the servicemen back and tell them the skunk was gone.

5)And then this afternoon:

“My sister just called!  She found a snake curled up in her laundry basket! What should she do? She is afraid it is a Copperhead!”

“They do not live in this state.”

“She is afraid it is a Water Moccasin!”

“They do not live in this state, either.  The only poisonous species are two kinds of swamp rattlers.  Does she live in a swamp?”

She admitted her sister does not live in a swamp, but on a farm.

So I told her it was probably a milk snake.  Now I think it was probably a black rat snake.  Either way, if she followed my advice, no problem.  Cover the basket, take it outside, and dump the snake and contents out away from the house.  Case solved.


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