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More Flowers

23 Apr

Hard frost last night–the plum blooms are all brown.  The apple was starting to open.  The flowering quince and flowering currant are open.  What is noticeable is the forsythia are all still looking lovely.  They have been in bloom three weeks now.

The poor Bergenia has a few blooms.  The Bergenia bed outside the back door has had a hard life since Hawthorne has come; he will run through it rather than around.  He even knocked over the stakes the day after they were put up this week to act as a quasi-fence in his exuberance to come inside.

All the narcissus and daffodils are now open or opening.

The early red tulips are opening.  Primrose, pansies, even one little red dianthus bloom.  The red pasque flower is open.

Trillium, both white and red are open in the woods.  Saw the first trout lily and yellow woods violet open yesterday also.

Jay is putting down the black plastic in the garden for the tomatoes and peppers.  He has planted his new red raspberries.

Mom and Dad are coming down today and I picked lettuce and spinach from the cold frame for salad and kale, mustard, volunteer garlic, Egyptian onions (green onions), and dandelions for a quiche for lunch.  Just made orange chocolate muffins.  Bread is baking.  Will go put coffee on now.  They like it.  I have some leftover chai for Isabelle and me.

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