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April Yarn

26 Apr

Mary Stepney wool, kid merino my parents brought back for me from a Texas ranch, silk.  I dyed, carded and spun it.

Earlier skeins were of a heavier gauge.  Two  2/3 filled bobbins plied together yielded6.25 oz and about 580 yards.    That is a dime under the threads.  About 1500 yd/lb.

Now I am working on laceweight yarn from the same stuff.  Aiming for at least 275 yd/ounce.

Third Week of April Food

26 Apr

Monday: Salad (greens from the cold frame, farm English walnut pieces, dried cranberries, Parmesan cheese, green onion), mashed garlic potatoes, one large pan-fried  Snappy Griller apiece

Tuesday: We ate out at the big grocery store in town!  I had sushi and the others had subs.

Wednesday: lamb stew

Thursday: salad, lamb stew

Friday: asparagus  from Mom’s garden, salad with cut up small sausage links

Saturday: BBQ chicken breasts, asparagus

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