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Green Days

5 May

This morning I saw a Meadowlark on a fencepost of a series of 10-30 acres horse pastures.


On our walk there were 2 Boblinks. They were singing their particularly joyous song. Yay!

There are wrens in the gourd nest Isabelle made and hung in the hazelnut tree.  And the house wren is singing in the locust near the house and again showing interest in building his nest inside the cover of the natural gas container.  They gain access through the small hole the copper pipe exits.

It looks as if the quince tree will have many fine blossoms.

Botrytis is destroying from the base many peony shoots.  I pull them and cast them directly into the garbage can.

The dark red crab apple which we call our Anniversary Tree bloomed for part of one day before high winds blew off the vast majority of petals and left the remainder pale and tired looking.  There is still scent, though.

The last hellebore that will bloom looks to be a double!  It is not quite out yet. Meanwhile most of the others are heavy with seed pods.  If anyone wants a few fresh hellebore seeds, please let me know, and when the pods are ripe I will send some.  There are numerous young plants here growing from past years’ seed.   Next year one may even be large enough to bloom.  It takes about three years from seed to bloom.

Lilac, primrose, early phlox and dianthus, honeysuckle, honesty, epimedium in bloom now.

It seems the Mockingbird has moved on.  But the oriole has arrived.  His fluting song is heard throughout the day now.

Hawthorne got his summer haircut today.  He looks half the dog he was.

Jay has seen turkeys every time he has hunted but none have yet come home with him.

We ate bass fillets for lunch from his lunchtime fishing expedition yesterday.

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