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12 May

Two hard frosts over the weekend meant we covered the quince tree which is in flower, the blueberries not protected by the pines, also in flower, a little bit of the plum and cherry, which both had some small fruits prior to the frosts.  Jay had a small fire going the second night in the blueberries and a smudge pot both nights.  He also woke up about 2.30 or a bit later to sprinkle water from the hose on the blossoms.

The strawberry grower down in Freeville had taken off the remay from his beds.  He pumped water from the creek all night and sprayed them with irrigation equipment.

The 1/4 inch cherries (all 5 of them) now have brown frost spots; the little plums, no bigger than the lead on a pencil’s end are mostly dark green from freezing.  The pale pink quince blossoms that were open are brown.  The kirengeshoma (yellow wax bells) right up by the house was frosted to the ground.  The leaves on the small redbud and winterberry trees are all dead.  Lots of plants in a similar condition.

Rain all last night.  And above freezing.

Drizzle today.  And predictions of frost again tonight.

On a walk this morning along the road it was interesting to note that although there were many small earthworms in the road, I saw no salamanders at all.  That tends to indicate the ground is still cold, even with all the warm/hot weather we had that made the trees bloom so early.  I have not yet started planting anything in the garden.  Jay has set out a couple cabbage and a few broccoli–which he covered.

Perhaps I will transplant some small spring planted lettuces out of the cold frame soon.  The large volunteer poppies under the cold frame got walloped by the frost, too, since they were touching the top.

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