In Bloom Now

26 May

Viburnum: viburnum sargentii ‘Onondaga’ , I think.  I like it very much.  It is a tall, wide shrub full of blooms.  It often re-blooms in the fall.

The tree and fern leaf peonies are just about done.  With the high temps (it has been 80-90 now for nearly a week–the grass is crispy in places) many of the buds opened and the flowers almost immediately started going down hill.  I picked several in the mornings before the sun got them.  Then they stayed nice for 3-5 days.

Tiarella, Thalictrum, Dianthus, columbine,  perennial poppies, all sorts of weeds, the alliums, the first two clematis plants, and the never-ending sweet woodruff which is becoming a problem plant here.  The winter aconite is spewing seed all over.  I have some collected and set aside for you, Marie.

This bulb is blooming.  It is only its second year and I can not recall its name.  It is a native species.  Ah, Camassia–a hyacinth.   This little green bee was gathering pollen.  Just think about carrying around sticky baseball-sized wads all over you for a job.  Good for it!

And in the fields the buttercups, wild columbine, ragged robin (a lychnis), the wild phlox are just about done, the Silene has been done in by the heat–they looked so nice last week…

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