What is New Here

9 Jun

The fields behind the house got cut.  The Boblinks left.  The tree peonies finished, the deciduous peonies are almost done.  The foxgloves are in their full glory now.  Lots of rain came on the heels of running a line from the spring to the west of us because of the depth of the dry.

The heliotrope, dianthus, clematis, roses, alliums, sage, thalictrum,  campanula of one kind, irises, perennial and annual poppies are in bloom. Just started harvesting hellebore seed.  The beans, sunflowers, cucumbers, etc. are up.  Not the pumpkins yet.  This rain will push them up.

We are harvesting garlic scapes, swiss chard, lettuce, herbs, and peas.  The wild strawberries are ready. Last night we had fettucini with scapes, chard, dill, fake crab (cooked in chicken fat) with parmesan and cream.

Isabelle has started live trapping rodents for the snake. Goldilocks has eaten one live mouse,

been bit by a shrew (which she then left alone), and rejected a dead vole. She was not given much opportunity with a chipmunk because the brother protested.  I was not home at the time.  One well-placed bite by the chipmunk could have killed her.

Painting on the upstairs has commenced.  Scraping and painting on the west side of the house has also commenced.

These eggs have hatched.  Other robin eggs have hatched.  Isabelle has been feeding young robins in their nests.

This morning Hawthorne jumped a very young fawn in the hedgerow where he was searching for his favorite woodchuck hole.  He chased ten feet behind the poor thing around the field for minutes, me chasing them yelling his name, the fawn bleating as it ran.  It was piebald.  They eventually ended up far down by the road’s edge where he broke contact.  I hope it went into the hedge before the road, though the girl and I could find no trace of it.  Hawthorne would not have hurt it.  He likes chasing, though.  The noodle.

He weighs about 10% more than he did a year ago.  Between 54 and 55 pounds.  He was too skinny.  Now he is just right.  He is built like the older typical Airedales.  Many of this breed are now tipping the scales at 70-90+ pounds.  Much too big, in my opinion.

The piano soft pedal got fixed once again.

Five of us went to see the movie ‘Babies’ last night.  I really liked it.  The babies from Namibia and Mongolia made the US baby in particular look like an incredible wimp.

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