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Vegetable Garden

10 Jun

Here is the full width. I think scrolling may help.

From the top of the mulch pile.  Unseen below to the left are the large plants (sunflowers, poppies, kale) which grew in the cold frame earlier, (peppers in there now), the corn, some swiss chard and beets, pumpkins, basil.

Tomatoes and garlic are what we see here mostly.  To the left of the cold frame are squashes.

Peas, potatoes, beans.  Unseen at the near end of the potatoes are Striped Romanian cucumbers.  My favorites.

Here is a row of poppies saved from the rototiller, basil, broccoli.  Unseen but here: cabbage, sweet peas, some flowers, lettuce, swiss chard, onions.  Between the beans and the poppies, carrots.

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