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12 Jun

After years of failing to have a thriving sage plant–the winters are so hard on it here–several years ago I planted several plants given by a friend in various spots, trying to figure out what might work in the long term.

What worked?  Planting one on the leeward side (east, here) of the raised bed so it was sheltered from the worst of the winter winds, got full sun during the growing season and some extra heat from the logs at night.

It is blooming happily surrounded by dianthus which acts as a perennial here, if happy, foxglove, pansies, and the large headed allium from my mother.  Unseen are the stocks and various herbs in the raised bed behind.

Last year I again grew an ornamental sage.  All other attempts grew well but failed to  overwinter–not nearly as hardy as regular sage.  But that deep snow pack helped and i transplanted five plants this spring from the garden before the rototiller chewed its way through.

Here is the largest and the first one starting to bloom:

Really a lovely plant.  It is on the north side of the veg garden.  Hellebores and a clematis to its right, a fancy composite, a small dianthus and encroaching jerusalem artichoke to its left, pansies and other volunteers in front.

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