Pink Ladyslippers

28 Jun

Sunday afternoon Jay and I went down into the nearby bog.  This time we were just in time to see the last few Pink Ladyslipper orchids in bloom.  Most had gone by.

There is a lot of green in the bog.  And a very little pink:

See it?  Almost in the center.

In other news:  Hawthorne, on his own,  found a young woodchuck in the alfalfa.  Isabelle and I had to intervene.  Dog 1, Woodchuck, O.  Although it did get a few chews in.

Just finished  most of my part of painting the upstairs landing and halls: five doors and all the framing and molding involved around them and the floor, and nine wall surfaces.  Still to do: the rest of the ceiling.  Whew.  White for the doors and molding.  A Benjamin Moore color: Glass Slipper, for most of the walls. White for the stairway. The pale gray blue changes with the daylight and interior light.  Sometimes it looks almost white.  Sometimes a pale blue, sometimes gray.

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