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Power Parachute

16 Jul

Two of us returned Thursday from seeing niece J off on her return trip.  Early that morning P came with his power parachute.  He uses my father’s landing strip.  He was going to take photos of someone’s home and allowed me to come with him.

This is the “wing” of the aircraft.  My seat was behind and slightly above the pilot.  Feet rest on bars similar to a motorcycle.   Heavy three point safety harness and crash helmets.  Thin metal tubing.  A small engine.  A three foot diameter small gauge rotor.  And the air all around.  About as close to being a bird as one can get.

That small shadow in the lower right is the parachute.  What we are sitting on is almost too small to show up.  Where I hail from it is flat land.  The bright green is alfalfa, the blue green is cabbage that was being harvested.  Dark green upper right is corn.Yellow in mid-left is a harvested wheat field.

Here is P taking a photo.  He can fly without hands!  For a few moments.

We flew for about and hour and a half at about 1000-1200 feet most of the time.  It was incredible.  Wonderful.

Here we come in to land.

The hangar, his vehicle and trailer, the landing strip.  Corn on two sides, alfalfa on one and a harvested wheat field.  And the monster electric lines..

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