Punishable Offense

17 Jul

The blueberries have been getting ripe the past ten days.  The Baltimore Orioles have been teaching their fledglings to eat them.  We sat one night at supper outside and repeatedly drove them off the bushes. To no avail.  I do not really mind.  But Jay does.

Yesterday the girl thought a Scarlet Tanager had come–that may explain why the orioles seem to have moved on suddenly.

Two of the four grand squidjums of Banner were also eating lots of blueberries.  We live trapped those two and moved them up to the lower end of the hedgerow.  Lots of berries and good squirrel food (nut trees) up there.  The hedgerow is a tree highway right back to the woods.

What I do mind are the chipmunks.  One day while on the phone I saw one run up, harvest and then jump 18 inches down out of a bush and run to its lair.  Repeat.

Jay shot it that evening and later unrolled the snow fence to retrieve the body.  What he found:

Not just two large, ripe blueberries, oh no,

There were FIVE ripe, large blueberries in his pouches.

That is what Jay considers a punishable offense.

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