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23 Jul

Just because I have not done so in a long time.  In case you were wondering if they burned off or something.

Perhaps this is what Nigella Lawson’s mum was thinking  of when she named her daughter.

Yes, a mess.  But a beautiful mess.  Just before the garlic was pulled.  It is quite large.  The flowers and dill in no way compromised its size.  Really.

Lots of these in the garden.

And these which I picked in the rain this morning.  Battered, but fragrant.


23 Jul

This morning’s walk was late because I kept waiting for the rain to abate.  At 9.15 I finally decided to don partial rain gear and take Hawthorne.  He needed a bath anyway; I just gave him another shearing.

Outside it was not so much a shower curtain, or a shower wall, or even a shower room.  It was just solid rain, for as far as the eye could see; there is a reason water is measured in acre-feet.  It was raining acre inches.

I am wet from the hips down and am thinking about and musing on vestigial roots and secondary growth.

Each corn plant has mostly grown it’s vestigial roots over the past week.  I kept meaning to take photos.  They are extra roots which start at the first node above the soil line and grow down and into the soil primarily to help stabilize the plant.  Since some of the plants are ten feet now, and recent winds have been clocked at upwards of 70 mile per hour, this is a great idea.  (Just spoke with my father who said great swaths of corn –forty feet across and the lengths of whole fields were knocked down up their way by the violence of the rain and wind they had Wednesday).

Perhaps that is what I need: vestigial roots.  And that is perhaps what God is growing in me.  It sure seems there is an awful lot of rain and wind near me lately.  I have great primary roots, but as I get older and the season progresses, another set of support structures seem to be in order.  I don’t feel all that tall.  Just unsteady.

The heavy machinery used by the farmer to efficiently cultivate the fields here has compacted the lane ways to such an extent that two-inch deep streams were running down them. But since I was wearing old Tevas, it was fun to slosh uphill through all that rushing water.

The wild black raspberries are sending out lovely, dark green leafy long new thorny canes, this year’s secondary growth for next year’s fruit.  The berries just finished.  The heat and dry did in the last of them. It is so easy for me to see those canes and think

“They look great. This rain is going to help them tremendously.  Next year there will be even more berries!”

I have had lots of experience with plants. So maybe that is why I seem unable to do the same with other fruit.  Trying harder does not always seem to help.  I have experience only with the “thorns”, not the “next year’s fruit”.  That is where older, wiser parents come in, I think.

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