Bed-Room Carpets–For Twelve Cents and a Half Per Yard

27 Jul


Sew together the cheapest cotton cloth, the size of the room, and tack the edges to the floor.  Now paper the cloth as you would the sides of a room, with cheap room paper; putting a border around the edge if desired.  The paste will be the better if a little gum arabic is mixed with it.  When thoroughly dry, give it two coats of furniture or carriage varnish, and when dry it is done.

It can be washed; and looks well in proportion to the quality and figure of the paper used.  It could not be expected to stand the wear of a kitchen, for any length of time, but for bed-rooms it is well adapted.


My guess is that “the cheapest cotton cloth” in 1870 was heavy duck canvas, not lightweight thin stuff, which would have been saved for dresses.  If doing this today, I would use heavy canvas,  cut it to size and hem it, then glue the paper on outdoors and let it dry there, and varnish it there before bringing it inside.

What a great idea, though, don’t you think?

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