Shawls and others

29 Jul

There were lots of lovely hand spun items yesterday at Troy.

And there were two Best of Shows.  The first was this Orenburg shawl. Spinning the lace weight two ply yarn–over 400 yards per ounce was the least of her work, the maker told us.  It took her three years from start to completion.  Two of those years were knitting and re-knitting, and re-knitting.

Orenburg shawls are knit in one piece, unlike true Shetland shawls, which are knit in pieces and grafted together.

The second BOS was a hand felted basket adorned with felt balls and bead and filled with over a pound of lovely blue handspun.  The yarn was spun from a mix of four fibers–the percentage of each was meticulously given on a 3×5 card.  A large sample of the sweater and the pattern from a 1992 issue of Vogue Knitting was included.   (That was back when it was worth having a subscription to that magazine.)

Here is Ellie wearing the winning shawl in the fleece to shawl contest.  The team, Cat’s Cradle,  used the theme of an ice cream parlor to great effect. Their presentation was spectacular; their shawl lovely and well done.  Hand spun warp using seven different kinds of wool.  They called it ‘”fudge ripple”.

Here is a portion of a small blanket of handspun made from squares on a a Weave-it pin loom.  I grew up with a large multi-colored wool afghan similar to this one made by my mother during college.  Ours had larger black borders around each square.

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