Alcohol–Spiritual Facts

30 Jul


“So it will be seen that every quart of fruit wine not made for medicine, or sacramental purposes, helps to build up the cause )intemperance) which we all so much desire not to encourage.  And for those who take any kind of spirits for the sake of the spirit, let me give you the following:

2. That whis-key is the key by which many gain entrance into our prisons and almshouses.

3. That brandy brands the noses of all those who cannot govern their appetites.

4. That punch is the cause of  many unfriendly punches.

5.  That  ale causes many ailings, while beer brings to the doer.

6. That wine causes many to take a winding way home.

7. That cham-pagne is the source of many real pains.

8. That gin slings have “slewed” more than slings of old.”


These are Dr. Chase’s opinions, not mine.  But I find them interesting.

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