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A Funny Story

16 Sep

The girl was sitting chewing on grass waiting for soccer practice to start.  Another girl comes over and says ” Whatcha doing?”

“Chewing on grass.”

Eww!  How weird! Why would you do that?  What if a grasshopper pooped on it?”

“Well, it tastes like salad.  Do you eat fish?”


“Well, those fish ate worms and things in the water before you ate them, so you are eating the worms that became the fish.”

“Hmm.  yeah…”

“Do you eat at McDonald’s?”


“Well, the hamburger comes from cows.  And the cows ate –guess what–grass!  So in a way you are eating the grass that became the cow!”

“Oh!  I never thought of it that way.”

Then the girl promptly bent over and took a blade of grass and started chewing on it.

“I don’t taste anything.   Oh, wait, it does taste like salad!  This is so cool!”

To which, my daughter tells me this morning, she privately went “Yes!  Another follower!”  As her goal all along had been to change the girls point of view, to manipulate her.  I told my daughter she should become a teacher.

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