In Bloom

22 Sep

The Autumn Croci and little Fall cyclamen were a month early, appearing the third week in August instead of the third week in September.   They are all still out.

The Sweet Autumn Clematis is past its peak, though the bees are very busy there each day.

The wild Aster I let go in the flower bed near the clothesline is fabulous this year. The Anemone Japonica are also past peak, but still look fine and busy with bees.

The small Rudbeckia are great this year.  It seems the more I pull out in the spring, the better they look in the fall.  See Jay with the geese in front of one spread.

The Over-the-garden-gate and Peruvian Apple came on like the tortoise and now look wonderful.  Both these plants are garden volunteers and get ripped out profusely before just a few (one in the case of the P. apple) are allowed to keep on growing.

But my favorite just now are the very late blooming poppies:

Of course there are scads of flowers still blooming.  Too many to list.

And I counted nine–nine!–Monarch larvae on the Asclepias Monday ranging in size from 1/4 inch to ready to go to chrysalis.


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