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Of Rain and That Trying Age

1 Oct

We have had lots of rain here this week.  The creeks are flooded, a local high school was closed, there was even a mudslide not too far away.  But nothing like China.  Or Pakistan.  Or even N. Carolina.

What we have not had is  hard frost.  It is October first.  Yesterday I picked a half gallon of Sungold tomatoes.  I could have picked more.  I will go out right after this and pick all I can because guess what is scheduled for tonight?

During my morning walk with the dog on recent days that trying age that Georgiana got safely past and Lydia did not has been much in my thoughts.  Georgiana’s mother was dead.  Mrs. Bennett did not act as a mother ought.  So there is little help in the story for me beyond Elizabeth’s observations.  Sigh.

Packing will begin in earnest next week for a big jaunt to visit friends overseas. !!

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