The Rheingold

9 Oct

The kids and I just went to our first opera–“Das Rheingold” by Wagner.  It was a live simulcast from the NY Metropolitan opera to our local theater.  They had two theaters worth of people.  On the way out we ran into acquaintances who hoped we liked it but who said it was absolutely not the first opera one should be exposed to. She thought something Italian- Donizetti or Rossini-would be so much better because of the high drama, crowds,  and music.

We went because of the tie-in with Tolkein’s “The Lord of the Rings” and to see the use of high-tech stagecraft.

The reviews I had read were right.  Not much acting; lots of standing around, singing.  But both kids were impressed by how much overlap there was in the storyline of the opera and the books, both of which used Icelandic/Nordic mythologies as a base.

Overall: we liked it.  I hope the big “machine” is used more in the next one which will be in May.  I was impressed.  We were really glad they had the English translations to what was being sung up on the screen.  We  liked the short film that was shown before the performance about the actors learning to work on the large movable stage piece. But maybe that is because I have not been to a Donizetti opera.  Yet.

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