Visits to a ger and a shower house

14 Nov

The morning I took photos of Kirsty and the milk lady she did not have change for Kirsty’s money so we went with her to her ger down the street.  She invited us in.  The large hashaa contained 4 gers and one smallish brick building.  The gers were widely spaced with grass (long, brown, dead) growing between.  A small wooden entryway, then a lower entry into the ger.

Round, hot, subdued light.  A man smoking, a small boy –head shaved but for a small braid low in back–, an older woman, a middle-aged woman, and our lady who is in her 20’s and wears a wedding ring.  The boy, we think, is hers.  The man, her husband.

The floor had blue and white patterned linoleum–the same pretty design as Hannah and Ganbaat have–and one large rug in front of a large bed.  The bed was on the far wall directly opposite the entry.  Just beyond the bed going clockwise, a stand with a TV, an open space, a small freezer, a white clean kitchen dresser with narrow counter on which is an orange thermos of weak slightly salty tea which we are served in bowls.  The doorway, another piece of furniture, a printed with green-blue graphic zipped shut closet (?), some clothes hanging, the rug-covered settee where we are invited to sit, a dark wood china cabinet with radio/cassette/CD player on top, and you are back to the bed.

Large gold and red rugs on the walls.  A small stove (like Hannah’s) in the middle.  A small skylight that gave a good amount of light–a surprising amount.

Red, blue, yellow painted poles, and milky orange-red staves holding up the roof. A small low square stool holding a box of 5-6 inch round cooky-ish items in front of our settee.

Colorful and delightful visit.  Kirsty thinks we were invited because she told the milk lady I am her mother’s friend visiting from America.


Kirsty and I went twice to a shower house.  1500T for an hour of hot water cascading down.  What luxury here. The hot water, that is, not the room in which one showers.  I felt a large round something on my shoulder that I pulled off; the water washed it quickly away but not before  it hit home that it was a tick.  Obviously hitchhiked from home.  Yana!  Washed socks and undies as well as hair and me.  It is so arid –20% humidity according to a little device Dan has–that the clothes hung out on the balcony were dry within less than a day.

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