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Button Buck

28 Nov

On the way home from church, just a few hundred yards from our house were a state trooper, a tow truck, a fancy car with a smashed grill, and a deer thrashing in the ditch. Isabelle was upset about the deer so I told her I would check to make sure but was certain the trooper would put it down.

A few hundred yards further up the road we had noticed hunters putting on a drive through fallow fields of golden rod.  I am sure they unknowingly pushed the button buck out–it was over a rise and far enough away they never saw the accident.

I called Jay and changed clothes.  By the time I went to see if someone would give us permission to take the deer  everyone had left, except the deer.

So I dragged it (the trooper had shot it) across to our side of the road and into the field halfway home, gutted it, and the kids helped drag it the rest of the way. It went on one of Isaac’s doe tags.  Hanging in the barn now over at Mom M’s.

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