What Jay Caught Last Night

27 Dec

Jay has been trying to catch some thing that has been taking bait from traps above the kitchen: apples, raisins, peanut butter, corn. He thought maybe it was a squirrel.

A few weeks ago he caught a flying squirrel in a rat trap.  Since then,  a mouse trap kept being sprung and the bait taken so he put a small live trap up there.

The bait was removed from the live trap and it was sprung.  Next he put a baited mouse trap inside a baited live trap.  Both traps were sprung, and the wood of the

mouse trap chewed.  I got worried that maybe we had rats.  But they do not like heights.

Then, this morning he caught something.  He hung it in the live trap over the wood boiler to warm it out.  Then we moved it to semi-permanent large cage

quarters where it will have to live until spring and warmer weather.

The flying squirrel came out from the bird box filled with a soft sweater to eat walnuts.  We got to pet it.  Which will not happen again, I think.



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