Window Shopping

26 Jan

Are not these incredibly luscious blooms?  They are the flowers of the Transylvanian Hepatica from Arrowhead Alpines, a favorite place to window shop.  I sometimes even buy a few plants.

Hepaticas are native to this region and come in a mixture of white, pink, and pale blue.  I am partial to the blue, so this dark stunner caught my eye.  So did the price tag: $39.00!  For one

Hepatica plant!    Of course, when you compare it to other hepaticas on the same page, it looks almost reasonable since they are priced at almost seventy dollars.  Shocking.  Note that the regular

American Hepatica are only $8.00 apiece.  Come visit me.

Quilt blogs have caught my attention.  There are quite a few in Australia.  Speaking of which, we received a package this week from Julia and Rob, who had been at BTI and visited us a few times.

They had particularly liked (not really) Goldilocks the snake.  The majority of snakes in Australia are deadly.  So holding a bright orange constrictor was a thrill.  We took photos so they could show how brave they were to folks at home.

Julia started knitting while she was in the states.  I thought it great fun that an Aussie whose husband is from a sheep station learned to knit –wool–in the US.  We also did a dye pot using Lamb O’Lakes wool.  Along with a very fun Aussie Christmas card note  Julia sent me/us a Donna hay cookbook on salads and vegetables. (That is, by the way, a great site to get recipe ideas.)  I had pulled out the two books of hers  I have while she was here and enthused about them.  They are gorgeous to look through and there are photos right near the recipes.  And the recipes are nice.  Although I spent my Border’s Bucks buying a Donna hay magazine earlier this month and was sorely disappointed.  What snooty ads!  Then when Angela was visiting and we were tired of making fun of the ads I used a dessert recipe for which I had all the ingredients on hand: coffee jelly with a chocolate cream topping.  Bleh!  Too sweet by far.  and heavy on the cream topping. Simply ghastly.  Her salads look far nicer and can serve as main dishes since there is some sort of meat or cheese in them.

Anyway, back to quilts.  I like Quiltsalott and have been checking out her links.  I also like the European magazine Quiltmania.  One can get so many great ideas from looking through pages.  For Christmas I made quite a few zippered pouches using an online tutorial.  And then last week I made on of these quilted zippered pouches.  I recognize where quiltsalott got her idea: from the book Houses, houses, houses! by Yoko Saito.

Must go walk Hawthorne and myself.  The other place I have been window shopping is Sephora–for moisturizers, not the glam beauty stuff. Well, maybe a perfume.

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